December 9, 2013

New earrings

Here are some new earrings that I have made lately:

They are all listed in webstore

November 15, 2013

October 29, 2013

An Angel

Angels in Heaven,
Angels on Earth…
Timeless creatures are everywhere–
In the wind whispering to the trees,
In the eternity of the universe,
In your heart…

This ring is available HERE

October 15, 2013

New necklaces

Here are two necklaces that I made. The left one is made with crysocolla, turquoise and sterling silver. The right one is made with agate geode slice and sterling silver. You can find them HERE.

October 14, 2013

Copper cuffs

Recently I made several copper  cuffs. Copper is good for us in so many ways:

Copper is like a bridge between Heaven and Earth, sending spiritual energies to Earth, making the invisible visible. Since copper is a good conductor of energies, it strengthens the energy of all stones (mainly earth-element) related to it. Copper teaches ancient wisdom about harmony on Earth. It encourages one to experiment and discover everything new.

Already in ancient Greece copper plates were used to cure tumors, joint and tonsil inflammations and skin diseases. Copper helped avoid the emergence of rachitis and epilepsy. It plays an important role in our body, helping the damaged tissue recover. Also, it adds to the role of iron to produce haemoglobin and red blood cells. Copper increases vitality and supports the healing of an organism. 

You can find them in webstore:

Two of them are already sold.

June 17, 2013

New rings

Here are 8 new rings and they are all available in webstore:

June 13, 2013


I finally finished a crocheted blanket that I started in January. Its measures ca 1,3 m x 2,1m. Yesterday was my daughters birthday and now it's hers :)

More pictures coming soon.

June 5, 2013


Few days ago I finished a tiara that I made with moonstone and sterling silver (925). This tiara is available at

April 19, 2013

Crystal Light

Here is one jewellery set I made as a custom order. I used clear quartz and sterling silver. And the name of this set is "Crystal Light"

April 9, 2013

In Highs and Lows

We all have our highs and lows - personally, in relationships, in work etc. Here is a ring that has been in my mind for a very long time already. And now I had a chance to make it as a custom order. It was made for a man but it can also be made for a woman I think.

This ring is in gallery.

April 2, 2013


Here are some new rings that are in webstore. One is sold, one reserved and one available :)

March 14, 2013

Colors of summer


I promise, next post will be about jewellery that I have made. But now I like to show you a blanket that is not ready yet but it is half way there. I just love these colors!!!

 A rainbow!

These flowers are not attached yet. And I'm not sure I'll leave them like that:

March 10, 2013

Almost ready :)

Half of the flower cushion cover is ready :) I love these colors!!!

March 5, 2013

Something different...

I have been crocheting lately... a lot! Right now I'm making a pillow case and  one very big blanket (ca 2 meters x 2 meters, we'll see how that works out, so far there is lot's of work to do. Not much to show yet.).
Also I'm making a striped blanket for my daughters bed. It looks like this:

I was inspired by this: